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The Project Blue Beam Conspiracy Theory Explained


Among the many interesting trends that defined 2020, conspiracy theories seemed to really make themselves at home in the minds of Americans last year. One such theory that gained a great deal of traction on the internet this past year is Project Blue Beam.

While many of the most famous conspiracy theories, such as Pizzagate and QAnon, were born in the United States, Project Blue Beam actually seems to have started in French Canada. 

In summary, the theory claims to reveal plans by the New World Order, a shadowy organization that conspiracy theorists love to assign responsibility for all sorts of clandestine agendas and strange happenings, to replace the world’s religions with one universal religion. Theorists believe that this is a preliminary step in the New World Order’s quest to establish a global dictatorship under their rule. 

While evidence to support this theory seems fairly scarce and unverifiable, it’s worth looking into what exactly this theory is and where it came from. And although this theory seems quite extravagant and unlikely, even among other conspiracy theories, there are some plausible elements to the scheme that Project Blue Beam believers claim has already been set in motion. 

What Is Project Blue Beam?

At a glance, Project Blue Beam is a series of steps to be carried out by the New World Order for the purpose of replacing the world’s religions with a singular religion and then using this religion to establish a global dictatorship. And while this is pretty straightforward, the way in which the New World Order is allegedly planning to do this may surprise you. 

Some theorists claim that Project Blue Beam developed out of the Philadelphia experiments, an alleged series of experiments carried out by the U.S. military. These experiments apparently involved the U.S. military developing technology to make a U.S. naval ship invisible to enemy ships. The theory of the Philadelphia experiments was spearheaded by Morris K. Jessup, a UFO researcher who also forwarded theories about secret societies of humans living in outer space. 

conspiracy theory

Apparently, the world’s governments’ investigations into the limits of visual manipulation did not stop there. According to the Project Blue Beam theory, NASA and the United Nations then began developing technology that would be able to project images into the sky over the entire Earth. The technology allegedly involved using the satellites orbiting the Earth to project an image that could be seen by an entire nation or even the entire world. What was the purpose of this technology? To create a technologically simulated Second Coming of Christ and convince the world of the veracity of Christianity. 

According to the theory, once the world was united under a single religion, the New World Order would be able to more easily manipulate the minds of the people and replace the governments of the world with a single fierce dictatorship. And who was set to sit at the head of this new global dictatorship? The Antichrist, of course. 

According to some theorists, the New World Order has already attempted to initiate Project Blue Beam several times, but has failed. However, theorists have cited a video of a “floating city” in China as evidence that such large-scale holographic technology is indeed possible. Although Chinese media outlets did respond to this “floating city”, claiming that it was a complex mirage known as a Fata Morgana, reputable sources later said that the video was probably a hoax. 

floating city mirage china

As most conspiracy theories do, the fantastical theory of Project Blue Beam has taken on a life of its own on the internet, with theorists linking the project to everything from UFO sightings to increased incidences of earthquakes. This theory, unlike many other online conspiracy theories, has a very easily identifiable source, however. 

Origins of the Project Blue Beam Conspiracy Theory

The Project Blue Beam theory was originally conceived by Quebecois investigative journalist and conspiracy investigator Serge Monast. Monast founded the International Free Press Agency in the early 1990s and began publishing theories about the Freemasons and the New World Order, many of which were inspired by the writings of William Guy Carr.

In 1994, Monast published the book Project Blue Beam (NASA), which warns of the New World Order’s plans to establish a global government and details the steps they will take to do so. The book gained a notable following, and Monast even went on tour to speak about the book. 

While Monast certainly coined the name “Project Blue Beam”, certain theorists have speculated on the theory’s similarity to Gene Roddenberry’s unreleased film script Star Trek: The God Thing as well as the 1991 Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Devil’s Due”. 

star trek the next generation

The true motivations of Serge Monast cannot be known. Was he truly convinced that the New World Order is trying to establish a universal religion and take over the world’s governments? Or was he simply repurposing an idea from Star Trek to write a successful book? You can decide that for yourself.

Stages of Project Blue Beam

According to Serge Monast’s Project Blue Beam (NASA), the replacement of the world’s religions with a universal religion is supposed to happen in a series of stages. The book outlines these stages very clearly. 

The first step in Project Blue Beam is to break down all archeological knowledge in the world. Apparently, this step will consist of a series of earthquakes, during which the New World Order will fake archaeological findings that will negate the beliefs of most of humankind. This step is meant to weaken humanity’s faith in their current religions, particularly Christianity and Islam. 

The second step involves the projection of a massive light show into the sky. Using lasers and 3D holograms, the New World Order will apparently project images of God, Jesus Christ, and the prophets into the sky. The general public will have no way of explaining these celestial images, and so the New World Order will claim them to be proof of their newly established religion. 

illuminati eye in pyramid

The third step involves two-way electronic thought control, which will be used by the Antichrist to gain control over the masses. After the world’s religions have dissolved, the world will apparently spiral into chaos. The Antichrist will apparently use additional technologies to disrupt weather patterns, cause epidemics, and generally exacerbate the chaos. Eventually, humanity’s only choice will be to give their undying devotion to the Antichrist and the New World Order, the only ones who can save them from total destruction. 

The fourth and final step will involve supernatural manifestations using secret technology. In order to keep people faithful to the New World Order, our dictators will continue to use their projection technologies to simulate inexplicable happenings that will reinforce the world’s faith in the universal religion. They will also simulate signs of a hostile alien invasion, which will serve to keep people in fear and make them believe that the New World Order is the only protection they have against the invaders. 

While many conspiracy theorists online have claimed that these steps are already in motion, there is no solid evidence to suggest that any of these actions have been or will be executed. These are simply the steps outlined in Serge Monast’s book.

Should You Believe in Project Blue Beam?

Whether or not you should believe in Project Blue Beam is entirely up to you. While the term “conspiracy theory” can often carry a negative connotation, there are certainly conspiracy theories that may be partially or entirely true. Additionally, all conspiracy theories exist on a spectrum of plausibility, with some being entirely possible and others being entirely ridiculous. 

You should be cautious, however, about accepting everything you see on the internet at face value. The internet is filled with people who claim to have inside knowledge or to have researched things thoroughly, when in actuality they may have just read a post on Reddit or something. Claims about conspiracy theories should not be accepted unless they are clearly verifiable. 

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If you’re truly interested in a conspiracy theory, it’s important to do thorough research so that you can decide for yourself whether that particular theory is true or not. Many people fall into the trap of believing a conspiracy theory because they want it to be true or simply because it seems possible, rather than using the logical faculties of their brain to assess the claims of the theory. There are many aspects of conspiracy theories that could happen, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are happening.

Doing your own research in a systematic and unemotional manner is the best way to decide whether or not a conspiracy theory is true.

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