10 of the Best Patrick Bateman Quotes

He’s the poster boy of the Sigma male meme and perhaps the role that helped Christian Bale secure Batman, Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

Some of Bateman’s utterances tend to cement themselves in memory due to their absurdity and disarming relevance which can still resonate today.

“I live in the American Gardens Building on W. 81st Street on the 11th floor. My name is Patrick Bateman.”

“There is a moment of sheer panic when I realize that Paul’s apartment overlooks the park… and is obviously more expensive than mine.”

“There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman; some kind of abstraction.”

“Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh, my God. It even has a watermark.”

Nothing deep with this line. But the mere comedic timing and delivery were stellar.

“I have to return some videotapes.”

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