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10 Reasons Why Phil Dunphy Is the Best Dad on TV

Phil Dunphy is that one dad who defies all stereotypes and makes being a father look like the coolest job in the world.

Whether he’s goofing around with his kids, giving them advice, or just trying to connect with them on their level, Phil is always there for his family, with love and support in spades.

“I’m a Cool Dad, that’s my thang.”

He’s got this vibe where he thinks he’s the epitome of a “cool dad,” and honestly, we can’t argue with that.

Whether he’s trying to break the ice or defuse a tense moment, Phil knows that a well-timed pun can work wonders.

Phil’s Pun-tastic Punchlines

Phil’s-osophy may seem weird at times, but it’s precisely his unorthodox advice that makes him an excellent father.


Phil’s trademark silly antics, complete with ridiculous accents and silly hats, helps Alex see that college isn’t just about hitting the books.

#1 Fun Dad

Other parents may prefer to lecture endlessly about life lessons, but Phil knows that actions speak louder than words.

He Walks the Walk

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