10 Times Gloria Pritchett From Modern Family Was a Girl Boss

From her loud and proud personality to her impeccable fashion sense, Sofia Vergara brings this character to life.

Despite her beautiful appearance and her Columbian accent, Gloria is not to be underestimated.

Let’s dive into the highlights of Gloria’s reign as the ultimate queen of sass and style.

Gloria had to juggle multiple jobs just to make ends meet, and they lived in a less-than-ideal part of town where safety was a luxury.

Raising Manny on Her Own

In one episode, Jay ended up slapping a chicken and shouting like some teenage girl after each strike.

Faking a Colombian Tradition to Teach Jay a Lesson

Gloria was like a mob boss from the future, except instead of cracking skulls, she demolished an abusive workplace.

When She Fired Back at Haley’s Boss

In the fifth episode of Season 1, Gloria heads back to school to sharpen her skills and dive into the cutthroat world of real estate.

From Housewife to Real Estate Queen

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