12 Celebrity Alcohol Brands You May Not Have Heard Of

Before we get this list started, it should go without saying that you should only drink alcohol if it’s legal for you to do so. You should also drink responsibly.

This is a list of celebrity alcohol brands and is intended to be informative— don’t take these as hard recommendations.

LeBron James backed this tequila from the early stage of the company’s conception in 2020.

Lobos 1707 Tequila – LeBron James

Unlike other vodkas, VDKA 6100 uses whey as their source of fermentable sugar, giving this bottle a slightly different taste.

VDKA 6100 – Robert DeNiro

Born and Bred Craft Vodka only uses local Idaho potatoes and glacial water from the nearby Grand Tetons.

Born and Bred Craft Vodka – Channing Tatum

What does Ryan not do? He’s an actor, owns Mint Mobile, and apparently co-owns Aviation American Gin.

Aviation Gin – Ryan Reynolds

For a little over $30, you can enjoy a bottle of this average alcohol that can be summed up as “good, not great.”

Teremana Tequila – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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