19 Filming Locations From The Office You Can Visit in Person

Even if you’ve only seen The Office once, you know how many memorable scenes and settings there are.

That said, you might be surprised to learn that the show was filmed in different parts of California. Here are 19 filming locations from The Office.

The signature office building of Dunder Mifflin Scranton is an actual building you can visit in Panorama City, California.

Dunder Mifflin Scranton and The Warehouse

Remember when Jim dares Pam to talk over the intercom at Rite Aid? Well, you can head on over to Van Nuys, in Los Angeles, and do just that.

The Rite Aid Where Pam Hijacks the Intercom

Michael learns that a negative result can actually be a positive in season 2, episode 19, when Kevin finds out that he doesn’t have skin cancer.

Skating Rink

When Michael takes the staff to Lake Scranton for some beach fun and team building, he actually somehow brings them halfway across the country to Hansen Dam.

Lake Scranton isn’t Actually in Scranton

Benihana is a fun restaurant anyways, but the fact that an episode of The Office was filmed at the one in Encino on Ventura Boulevard makes it even more special.

A Benihana Christmas

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