20 Years Later, Love Actually Still Sucks

The enduring popularity of Love Actually, which celebrated its 20th anniversary with a reunion special, isn’t at all surprising.

But our collective nostalgia isn’t enough to hide the opinion that Love Actually is actually a pretty terrible movie—at least in the way it depicts love.

Say what you will about cancel culture, but Love Actually would be completely unacceptable in the inclusive culture we’re trying to foster today.

Love Actually is Heteronormative

Love Actually is Shallow and Unrealistic

The plotlines in Love Actually stories send a very clear message that looks are all that matter when it comes to love.

So many things are wrong with Love Actually but the most awful thing is how it normalized cheating and manipulation.

Love Actually is Manipulative

Love Actually is Male-centric

All the actions of love were told from the point of view of the men in the story, and the women were kind of just there as plot points.

It’s been 20 years of Love Actually, and many rewatches later, I have come to find it problematic and not really the best choice for a holiday movie.

It’s more devastating than endearing and not representative of what love actually should be. It was fun two decades ago but it’s time to retire it as the unofficial holiday romantic comedy movie.

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