2022’s Biggest Discoveries and Innovations in Niche Fields According to Experts

There’s one 2022 innovation that everyone is talking about and it’s AI. Artificial intelligence has been the talk of the global town for discoveries and innovations of the year ever since AI-driven programs.

With such a brave new world on the horizon, it’s no surprise that AI has overshadowed innovations in other fields.

Today we’ve rounded up the biggest changes in other niches to let you know about the discoveries and innovations you missed this year.


One of the biggest developments in the automotive industry is Michelin’s pledge to have 100% sustainable tires by 2050.

Michelin produced 14% of the world’s tires back in 2020, accounting for roughly 200 million tires a year, just a few points behind Bridgestone’s 14.6% market share.


Dr. Michael May, a medical director at Wimpole Clinic, London, says there’s been a shift from in-person checkups to virtual ones.

Frameworks for using AI in Alzheimer’s diagnosis take brain scan images and identify patterns found in previous patients that were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.


With the advent of AI-powered analysis tools, the field of human resources and career coaching is shifting to a more numbers-based approach to finding people’s strong suits and career preferences.

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