2023 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

Every year the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces nominees to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Whether you choose to vote or not, here’s a look inside the nominees’ fruitful careers.

Kate Bush

British singer-songwriter Kate Bush is known for her work touching on genres including art, progressive, experimental-pop, rock, and avant-garde.

Crow majored in performance, teaching, and music composition at The University of Missouri and graduated in 1984.

Sheryl Crow

Redefining hip-hop, rap, and pop artist Missy Elliott is a multi-faceted addition to the music industry, acting as a songwriter, rapper, singer, and producer.

Missy Elliott

British heavy metal band Iron Maiden was founded in 1975 by bassist and main songwriter Steve Harris. Their live debut was in 1976 at St Nicks Hall in Poplar, London.

Iron Maiden

Joy Division was founded in Salford, England, in 1976 by Bernard Sumner (lead guitarist/keyboardist) and Peter Hook (bassist) after they attended a Sex Pistols concert.

Joy Division/New Order

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