3 Great Examples of Autistic Representation on Screen

Around 75 million people, are on the spectrum, but so few of us are represented well on screen.

What we'd like to highlight here, is the way their characters are treated within their fictional universes and by the real-life creative teams that crafted them.

Played by Danny Pudi, Abed Nadir is a character on Community (2009-2015), a show about a study group.

Abed Nadir – Community (2009-2015)

Abed comes across as “eccentric,” often speaks in a flat tone, can be almost disturbingly observant, has some trouble with understanding social cues.

In 2017, Sesame Street introduced Julia, the first new Muppet in 10 years and the first ever to be canonically autistic.

Julia – Sesame Street (1969-)

What makes Julia’s character so special is that she’s shown to be a part of a community that cares for her.

One thing in the movie that really shined was Billy Cranston, who is also the Blue Ranger that, in this reboot, is autistic.

Billy Cranston – Power Rangers (2017)

Billy is a bit of a genius when it comes to weapons and technology and has trouble reading people’s emotions and understanding when they’re being sarcastic.

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