As people continue to experience mental health crises, it’s important for people and organizations to use their platform to listen, help, and encourage those struggling.

Here are four TED talks that focus on mental health and offer key information on the complexities of mental illness.

Mental Health, Suicide, and the Power of Community – Haley DeGreve

Throughout her talk, DeGreve emphasizes the impact having a community can have on those struggling with mental illness.

Is Someone You Love Suffering in Silence? Here’s What To Do – Gus Worland

For 90 minutes Worland talks about losing his mentor, and received calls from people who had been through similar situations.

Mental Health For All, By Involving All – Vikram Patel

In his TED talk focused on the lack of resources, Vikram Patel discusses how task shifting is key to making care more accessible.

A New Way To Help Young People With Mental Health – Tom Osborn

Osborn explains that Kenyan health workers are expanding access to mental health care by delivering evidence-based care to young people.

Osborn concludes his talk, by expressing that mental health is not a Kenyan and African problem, but a global problem.

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