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4 Philosophical Lessons From Fight Club

Fight Club is a story about a guy who’s tired of his mundane life, so he starts a secret club where men can beat the crap out of each other.

Today, we'll ponder the deep philosophical thoughts and lessons that Fight Club brought. Let’s get started!

Your Life Is Determined by the Choices You Make

The premise of Fight Club can be viewed as a warning about the significance of accepting responsibility for one’s actions and the power of choice.

It implies that our decisions can profoundly affect our lives and mold our sense of self and purpose.

People often assume that being successful and happy means having nice things, however, materialism yields only temporary happiness.

Consumer Culture Is Its Own Kind of Prison

Furthermore, it suggests that material possessions do not determine a person’s worth and value.

If we only focus on the good stuff about ourselves, we’ll be like a one-trick pony known for just one thing and nothing else.

Acknowledging Both the Good and Bad Aspects of Yourself

We run the risk of becoming self-righteous jerks who can’t admit when we’re wrong.

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