4 Times a Corporation Overthrew a Sovereign Government

We all know corporations are capable of doing terrible things. These corporations are pretty shameless when it comes to making just one more dollar.

Did you know that they even attempted to, or have succeeded, in overthrowing sovereign governments?

Here are four times a corporation overthrew a sovereign government – and you probably haven’t heard of them.

How Chiquita Possibly Overthrew the Government of Guatemala

Chiquita is known for many products; you’ve probably seen their stickers on bananas in your grocery store. Little did you know that at one point, they were called the United Fruit Company (UFC).

UFC lobbied the Eisenhower administration that Árbenz was looking to turn communist and ally with the Soviet Union.

The US Almost Gets a Taste of Their Own Medicine

The plot begins with a man named Smedley Butler, a decorated and respected officer from the Marine Corps.

He alleges that a group of businessmen approached him with an offer to help establish a fascist dictatorship with him at the helm of 500,000 soldiers.

Butler claims that this coup was being led by none other than J. P. Morgan, a large banking firm that you may even hold an account with today.

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