4 Ways Stanley Hudson From The Office Was Quiet Quitting Before It Was a TikTok Trend

The phrase “quiet quitting” has generated quite the media buzz over the last few weeks.

The Office depicted a character that best exemplifies a quiet quitter before it even became a trend: Stanley Hudson.

He represents thousands of workers who are simply tired of the grind culture and are choosing to act their wage.

Stanley Hudson may have been a crossword puzzle devotee but he's not a slacker. He just did the job that was outlined for him.

Stanley Hudson Didn’t Do Work if He Didn’t Have To

He often spent meetings with his head buried in his newspaper, or took naps as Michael or Andy spoke about a hot topic.

Stanley Hudson Rarely Participated in Meetings

Workers who quiet quit have long resisted the idea that their place of work is their home. Stanley subscribed to this mindset.

He Did Not Care For Workplace Relationships

Out of all The Office characters, Stanley Hudson understood his value as a salesperson the most. He brought in money and he knew it.

He Knew His Labor’s Worth

The trend of quiet quitting isn’t just about improving work-life balance. It also rejects the idea that employees should go above and beyond without being compensated.

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