5 of the Best PC Games That You Can Play on Mobile

Today we will talk about PC games you can play on your mobile. 

All these games have intense storylines, immersive gameplay, and unforgettable lore that have their discussion panels.

Genshin Impact

The storytelling is wonderfully portrayed through the game’s graphics, making us stay emotionally invested in the story’s progress even when taking a break.

While playing, you will be adventuring through unknown forests, desolate libraries, dungeons, manors, and more.

Vampire Survivors

All Cube Escape and Rusty Lake prequels have a 2D, watercolor-esque, and rusty feel about them. Each scene looks like snippets from old photographs.

Cube Escape Series (Rusty Lake Franchise)

Minecraft is all about worldbuilding on a larger and beautifully pixelated gaming platform.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

The game’s mechanics, playstyle, and overall retro-like aesthetics make it a worthy choice among many PC+ mobile video games.


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