5 Quirky Dog Behaviors New Pet Owners Can Decode

In the US, dogs remain the most popular choice for pet ownership with an estimated 69 million homes having at least one canine companion.

But as lovable as they are, dogs can get pretty weird too.  Dog behaviors, especially weird ones, don’t exist simply because they’re goofy animals.

They almost always mean something and sometimes, these quirky dog behaviors require professional attention.

There’s usually nothing to worry about when a dog chases its own tail. But this dog behavior could be a result of neurological pain, an injury, or even a compulsion.

Chasing Their Own Tail

Spinning in circles can occur in dogs for many reasons. Thankfully, none of them are associated with underlying conditions. They’re mostly acting out of instinct or emotion.

Spinning in circles

This is typically observed in curious puppies who haven’t learned that stool is not food. If an older dog does it, it can be due to boredom or a sign of anxiety.

Eating poop

If it’s not to cover up their poop or create a comfortable spot, a dog might dig for various reasons. Your four-legged companion might simply be giving in to instinct.

Digging holes

Some experts think animals do this to mask their own scent with the odor of another animal.

Rolling on smelly, gross, or dead things

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