5 Surprisingly Dark Scenes on Cartoons I Didn’t Notice as a Kid

Love it or hate it, there are a lot of dark, creepy, or outright disturbing scenes out there that we just laughed at as kids not knowing the hidden dark meaning.

Heavy trigger warning here! We’re dealing with a lot of dark and messed-up ideas on cartoons here. They might still be from cartoons but they can be upsetting to some readers.

Tom and Jerry is a whimsical slapstick comedy cartoon that follows Tom, a cat trying to catch a mouse named Jerry.

Kittens in Heaven – Tom and Jerry

In one episode, three little kittens hopped in while inside a bag with what sounds like sloshing water, this implies that they’re intentionally drowned.

On this one, Squidward’s reaction and mental breakdown are what I thought was dark, it shows the scary side of being human, and it’s very lifelike.

SB-129 – SpongeBob SquarePants

While Squidward is in a depressive state, he says “I can’t seem to get happy” while standing up on a stool and holding a rope.

Are You Happy Now? – SpongeBob Squarepants

The Fairly OddParents was a pretty cool show, it’s nice having to think about having every dream and wish you have been granted on a daily basis.

It’s a Wishful Life – The Fairly OddParents

After getting tired of being unappreciated, Timmy wished that he was never born. He then goes around to see how happy his family and friends  are without him.

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