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5 TV Shows To Watch While Waiting for The Bear Season 2

Hulu’s The Bear, is a highly believable comedy-drama about a struggling sandwich shop called The Beef. On June 22, Hulu will serve follow-up episodes to this surprise hit.

If you’re hungry for more shows that remind you of The Bear, not necessarily in content but at least in the themes, these are the titles to add to your watchlist.


Here, seeing how complicated family dynamics deeply affect your trajectory in life and your mental health gives Shameless a similar feel as The Bear.

If you came to The Bear for ASMR food prep instead of the drama, Netflix’s The Chef Show is perfect for casual viewing. 

The Chef Show

In Bob's Burgers, Bob and Linda are still busy trying to run their burger joint as the Belcher kids run into all sorts of trouble.

Bob’s Burgers

The Netflix comedy-drama is about two strangers involved in a road rage incident. Amy and Danny have a hard time letting this grudge go.


Succession, now in its last season, is about the Roy family of the media conglomerate Waystar Royco, which is based on several real powerful families.


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