5 Unhinged Love Is Blind Moments

The dating reality show Love Is Blind brings singles together in “pods,” allowing the men and women to talk…but not see each other.

These conditions are bound to cause drama. Here are five of the most unhinged Love Is Blind moments.

Amber tells Jessica she would beat her up if she made any advancements on Barnett, and then, out of nowhere, Jessica grabs Amber and plants a kiss on her.

When Jessica Kissed Amber

During their wedding, after an enthusiastic yes from Giannina at the altar, Damian says, “I do not,” rejecting Giannina.

Giannina and Damian’s Wedding

Shake wasn’t sexually attracted to Deepti and loved to talk about it. Deepti never commented much on Shake’s mistreatment of her.

Shake and Deepti’s Wedding

Cole and Zanab’s inconsistent relationship came to a harsh end on their wedding day. Viewers saw how Cole was more attracted to another cast member, Colleen.

Cole and Zanab’s Wedding

The love triangle of season 4. Jackie was seeing both Marshall and Josh but ultimately got engaged to Marshall.

Jackie, Josh, and Marshall

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