6 Things Female Game of Thrones Characters Get Right That Other Fantasy Books Don’t

Fantasy shows, books, and movies are especially noticeable in the way their female characters tend to be bad.

The pseudo-medieval settings become excuses for reductive characterization. But, that’s not the case for A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF) and Game of Thrones (GOT).

They’re not all badasses

Other female characters in the franchise are believably real women, that’s because they’re mothers and grandmothers just trying to protect their children.

They actually talk about womanhood

Even in the company of men who love them, the female characters of GoT and ASOIAF face barriers that make sense in the context of their story.

They have varied ages

Another notable thing about the women of GoT and ASOIAF is how the women are at different ages.

They are strong in different ways

Most of the female characters in the series aren’t capable of fighting nor have dragons to do their fighting for them, but they find ways to push through.

The female characters of the series are punished for their flaws, but they’re also rewarded for the positive side of those flaws.

Their flaws make sense and are real flaws

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