7 Amazing Harry Styles Songs That Were Never Released

With three hit albums in his six-year solo career, Harry has enough songs to almost satisfy fans.

The fans are however on the hunt and ready for more music. Here are tracks that have never been commercially released.

Although “Medicine” was never released, its studio version was leaked, and Styles has performed it at countless shows.


Here Styles reflects on an ending relationship, recalling when they used to only want each other, but now that they’re apart, he’s empty.


It appears to have been meant for his self-titled debut, along with “Medicine” and soon-to-be-mentioned “Baby Honey.”

“Complicated Freak”

Although the instrumentals sound light and cheerful, the lyrics have Styles admitting to still being enamored with someone he’s no longer with.


In Baby Honey, the upbeat instrumentation guides Styles as he sings about an infatuation he just can’t get over.

“Baby Honey”

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