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7 Celebrity Actors You Didn’t Know Were in The Sopranos

Today we'll look at The Sopranos and acknowledge some of the celebrity actors of today who made brief appearances in the series.

Today, Michael B. Jordan is one of the most well-known rising stars in Hollywood. Before that, he played a Newark youth who bullied Tony Soprano.

Michael B. Jordan

Lady Gaga

In the episode (amazingly) titled “The Telltale Moozadell”, Gaga appears as one of the girls on the bleachers laughing and smoking cigarettes as AJ and his friends vandalize the school.

Dano appears in the series as a friend of AJ’s named Patrick Whalen who has one of the worst bowl cuts I’ve ever seen and a major interest in AJ’s father.

Paul Dano

Manuel-Miranda had a brief cameo as a bellboy in The Sopranos in which he’s questioned by Tony and Paulie about when his place of employment was built.

Lin Manuel-Miranda

Will Arnett made a brief cameo in The Sopranos as the husband of the FBI agent who tries to turn Adriana into an informant.

Will Arnett

Michael K. Williams appears as a man named Ray Ray in the “Army of One” episode of Season 3. Ray Ray helps Jackie Aprile Jr. hide out in his housing project in Boonton.

Michael K. Williams

Cristin had a brief appearance in The Sopranos as Catherine Sacrimoni, daughter of notorious mob boss Johnny Sack.

Cristin Milioti

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