7 Famous Early Youtubers and Where They Are Now

For early YouTubers, getting a million subscribers was an absolute mountain of a goal. Remember when a high-pitched voice and catastrophe were all you needed to make a comedic masterpiece?

Let’s take a look back at seven YouTubers that were famous before YouTube was even in its infancy.


Fred Figglehorn is a character played by Lucas Cruikshank. Lucas now has his own personal channel with over 3 million subs where he can be himself and often posts reviews, commentary, and more.

Ryan Higa created Nigahiga back in 2006. Now he has occasionally uploads videos to his original channel over the years, but it seems he’s more active on Twitch.


These days, this early YouTuber travels and does comedy at different venues around the country while also uploading occasional videos to his YouTube channel.

Ray William Johnson


Today, the comedic duo Smosh has evolved into something way bigger. The channel now has different running shows. Unfortunately, it seems they’re not as popular as they once were.

Filthy Frank and Pink Guy were two characters played by George Kusuncki Miller. You may know Miller as Joji, a hit artist that constantly tops the charts whenever he releases new music.

Filthy Frank & Pink Guy

Annoying Orange

Today, the show is still going strong with weekly episodes. Sadly, the videos don’t get as many views as they used to.

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