8 Easy Recipes From the Pasta Queen That Are Perfect for a Quick Meal

Nadia Caterina Munno, who goes by “The Pasta Queen” online, runs a popular TikTok account that’s all about good food and good vibes.

There are tons of upbeat cooking influencers out there, but Nadia stands out for her relaxed approach to cooking.

A lot of Nadia’s recipes on TikTok don’t give out measurements. Instead, she walks you through the steps, and  tells you what ingredients she uses.

Nadia’s shrimpy lemon spaghetti is a refreshing pasta dish that will have you visualizing brunch on a summer afternoon spent at Lake Como.

The Shrimpy Lemon Spaghetti

Italians are quick to tell you there’s no cream in carbonara and this recipe doesn’t have it either.

The World’s Best Carbonara

If you’re making the World’s Best Carbonara, you may as well make this pesto pasta from The Pasta Queen.

The Pesto of Your Dreams

The cobbler’s wife pasta is named for the cobbler’s wife in one of Nadia’s story who comes up with the past to impress her shoemaker husband.

The Cobbler’s Wife Pasta

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