8 Less Traveled Countries to Start Planning Your 2023 Getaway To

There’s something about avoiding crowded Parisian squares or beaches covered in tourists and actually finding yourself alone in a new country that is just so appealing.

Here are eight countries that are safe, less traveled, and excellent choices for your next getaway in 2023.

The Republic of Georgia is located in the Caucus region near Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Russia.

1. Republic of Georgia

The Andaman Islands are an archipelago off the coast of South East Asia, closer to Myanmar and Thailand than India itself.

2. The Andaman Islands

Another less traveled country in the Caucus region, Armenia is a country rich in history, nature, and cuisine.

3. Armenia

If you don’t know where the Faroe Islands are, they are actually in the same region of the world, situated between Iceland and the other Scandinavian countries.

4. The Faroe Islands

This country has some of the best scenery in Africa, thanks to a system of well-protected national parks. If you love wildlife and photography, you will fall in love with Namibia.

5. Namibia

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