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8 Therapeutic Anime That Speak to Your Tired Soul

A special kind of “stitch” or therapeutic anime is needed for adults or even younger people whose very lives have become figurative baggage they must carry every day.

Here are anime that can soothe and mend. No matter what kind of pressure or burden you’re carrying right now, there’s a lot to learn from these.

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku

It’s a feel-good story with no drama or complications, just a day-to-day interaction between couples with a more unique background compared to the usual ones.

Kotaru Lives Alone can be a real tearjerker sometimes. It’s about a boy who has lost his parents and must now live alone in a world controlled by adults.

Kotaru Lives Alone

Space Brothers is an inspirational journey about how one can always rekindle his original goal or plan from childhood.

Space Brothers

Barakamon is an important lesson in humility and slowing down to appreciate the finer things in life. And this kind of wisdom was told through a vain young adult.


Usagi Drop leans into heavier territory with its father-daughter tale involving common decency and compassion.

Usagi Drop

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