9 Easy Plants to Care For in a Small Apartment

Plants can require tons of care, and if you’re not careful, one extra cup of water can spell disaster.

Luckily, some plants seem to thrive off of being neglected.

Snake Plant is extremely difficult to kill. It’ll grow in direct sunlight or dimly lit corners. But, avoid this if you have cats or dogs.

Snake Plant

A lot of people like this plant because it blooms beautiful white flowers in early summer, adding more to your apartment than a simple green plant.

Peace Lilies

Pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy, has the ability to thrive in a number of conditions. Bright sunlight or a shaded corner, it doesn’t care.

Pothos or Devil’s Ivy

Ferns are extremely easy to keep alive. Keep them in partial sunlight, but avoid direct sunlight in the heat of the day.


Aloe vera does best in warmer temperatures, indirect sunlight, and watered infrequently.

Aloe Vera

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