A Heather Chandler Style Guide and Analysis to Help You Dress and Think Like a Mythic Bitch

Heather Chandler is the shining star of the 1988 film The Heathers that has left her mark on the high school mean girl trope and on fashion.

Instead of a stuffy character analysis, we’ll be looking at Heather Chandler through the outfits she sports throughout the movies.

As the most active, dominant, and powerful of the bunch, we see Heather Chandler in red, a color that symbolizes life, passion, aggression, and violence.

Heather Chandler’s Iconic Red

The ladies of the film all appear in a blazer in the movie, presenting them as a preppy and intimidating clique.

The Iconic Red Blazer

Heather Chandler wore a red dress with long sleeves and a heart shaped neckline in the party at Remington University.

The Red Dress

Heather Chandler wears a pair of red and black flats in the scene where she plays croquet with the Heathers and Veronica in Veronica’s backyard.

Burgundy Loafers

Instead of silk, this scrunchie is made of velvet which is a little more lux-looking, don’t you think?

The Red Scrunchie

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