A Love Story Told by LGBT+ Artists

Throughout the 20th century, vaudeville, nightclubs, and various independent record labels continued to provide a space for queer music to grow and thrive.

But, aspirations of going mainstream typically meant hiding your sexuality and recoding your love in heterosexual terms in your love songs.

It wouldn’t be until 1973, when Bruce Wayne Campbell debuted as Jobriath, that the United States would see its first openly gay rock star.

Since then, the story of LGBT+ artists in the music industry has been a slow and (mostly) steady push toward increased tolerance and acceptance.

This mixtape is a journey through the joy, the pain, the work, and the reward of love.

The Kansas-based alt-R&B artist is only 17 years old but has already put out two albums full of tracks that alternate between soulful and danceable.

Evann McIntosh

The Minnesota-based singer debuted with their EP Nūr in 2019 but had been writing poetry since childhood, using it as a way to navigate the challenges of being a Sudanese refugee.

Dua Saleh

Austin-based Quentin Arispe blends folk, R&B, and hip hop into albums that are musically diverse enough to capture all your feelings.

Quentin Arispe

For a more acoustic, cozy sound, turn to Dodie. The English singer-songwriter got her start uploading original songs and covers to her YouTube channel at 12 years old.


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