Actor and TikTok Creator Dustin Phillips Was Almost Cast in ‘Dahmer’ but He Has Bigger Plans for the Future

Dustin Phillips, actor and TikTok creator, was almost cast in the upcoming film "Dahmer" but ultimately the role went to someone else.

Dustin debuted as a professional actor in 2018 in “Together”, a music video by music producer Marshmello, and has appeared in short films and TV series.

We caught up with Dustin to talk about how TikTok is slowly changing his life and his career to get behind the scenes of what it means to be a star in the making.

What made him start a TikTok account back in 2020?

Dustin created his TikTok account a day or 2 after the lockdown out of boredom.

Filming Tiktoks

When he decided on posting videos on TikTok, he thought of building his brand around being funny and goofy.

Which TikTok video made the biggest impact on his reach and following?

The video where he threw the straws and sugars to the customer helped him gain about 40,000 followers in less than 3 weeks.

Getting cast in Dahmer

The audition process for Dahmer was long. He auditioned in December 2020 and did multiple callbacks for it until March 2021.He thought Dahmer was finally it but obviously it wasn’t.

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