America’s Shameful History of Native American Land Dispossession

The Native Americans’ deep and spiritual connection with Native American land cannot be more beautifully expressed than the above words by the former director of American Indian Studies at Iowa State University.

Today the Native tribes of this land are rising up and demanding their lands back, citing that the US government has broken the land rights promised to the Natives over 300 times in their history.

How Much Native Lands Did the English Rulers Dispossess?

Sam Hilliard’s maps show the progression of the inhuman land dispossession by the English settlers.

Native Land

Interested readers should head over to Canada’s interactive resource called Native Land, which charts all those original territories across the whole North American continent.

How the Land Was Pried From the Native American Hands

Starting in the 15th century Age of Discovery era, the same story repeats again and again: One of several developed European nations “discovering” the East coast along the Americas.

In American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World, historian David Stannard identifies genocide as the blatant strategy by White settlers in clearing the land of Natives populations along the coast.

Apart from battles and massacres, forced labor, and death through European diseases were major causes of death.

According to a recently published study at University College, London, at least 50 million natives lost their lives during 1492-1600, so much that it had a cooling effect on the climate from sheer population loss.

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