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Are Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Actually Good for the Environment?

It’s 2023 now, and our deadlines to do anything to lessen the effects of climate change are coming closer than ever. 

One of the most debated topics is whether Electric and Hybrid Vehicles are actually great for the environment or not.

Today, we’ll discuss everything from why should we care about all this to all the pros and cons of hybrids and electric vehicles. Let’s get started!

Why Should We Care?

According to the EPA back in 2020, the transportation sector is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the USA at 27%.

That’s why the most drastic change has to come from us, we either have to use public transportation more often or switch to more eco-friendly cars.

Batteries in fully electric vehicles are huge! They mostly take up most of the flooring of the entire car with thousands of battery cells connected.

Problem With Electric Vehicles

A lot of emissions start with shipping the raw materials from country to country. Then, they would be melted, pressed, and wound up together by machines.

Manufacturing Batteries

Hybrids are the worst of both worlds. On manufacturing, you get high CO2 emissions and on running them you’ll also emit a lot of CO2 emissions.

How About Hybrids?

They also have a battery that produced a lot of CO2 upon manufacturing and the running costs are just not good enough to offset their manufacturing costs.

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