Artisan Keycaps and Mechanical Keyboards Are 2021’s New Expensive Hobby, Here’s How You Get Into It

It’s not the most common conversation starter but as artisan keycaps and mechanical keyboards continue to gain popularity, maybe we’ll hear debates about it.

The tactile feel of mechanical keyboards isn’t just there for show. Their clicky switches reduce the amount of force you need to use when typing.

Mechanical Keyboards vs. Membrane Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are every writer, programmer, encoder, and audio transcriptionist’s best friend.

Mechanical keyboards are often louder than membrane keyboards. 

Membrane keyboards, on the other hand, are so quiet that mechanical keyboard enthusiasts will joke that they sound broken.

If you’re going to pull the trigger on getting your first mechanical keyboard, consider the aforementioned Royal Kludge 61 and Razer Huntsman.

Artisan Keycaps, PBT Keycaps, and More

After the board come the keycaps. They come in a variety of colors, layouts, and materials that can be overwhelming to go through when it’s your first time shopping for custom keycaps.

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