Baked Banana Spring Rolls With Caramelized Apples

This baked spring roll is made with juicy baked bananas and creamy caramelized apples, all under crunchy and chewy golden-brown spring rolls.

Ingredients: – Apples – Bananas – Butter – Granulated sugar – Egg – Spring roll sheets – Oil  – Cinnamon powder – White chocolate chunk  – Chococlate sauce

Put your non-stick pan on low heat, and add butter and sugar. Mix the ingredients well and add a splash of water.


Once the mixture starts to bubble, lower the heat and throw in your diced apples. Sauté for about eight to 10 minutes.

Use a kitchen knife to chop two peeled robusta bananas. You can halve these discs so they form smaller chunks that are easy to spread!

Take two spring roll sheets and stack them. You will need more sheets, so put a fresh wet cloth over the rest to secure their moisture levels.

Use a tablespoon to put caramelized apples and sliced bananas on the sheets. Spread them out so that they cover near a side of the sheets.

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