A Look Back at Balenciaga’s Weirdest Products of All Time

In the past few months, luxury fashion brand Balenciaga has been heavily criticized for some seriously questionable ad campaigns.

Today we're going back through the years and take a look at some of the weirdest products that the disgraced brand has ever released.

While a bag of Lay’s might cost you a dollar or two at your local 7-Eleven, the Balenciaga Lay’s Bag is selling for a whopping $1,800.

1. Lay’s Bag

These boots feature pointed toes that could definitely kill someone. The rest of the boot, which goes up the entire leg, looks like it could take a few sword-slashes in stride.

2. Chevalier Boots

The bag was released in 2017 with a price tag of $2,145, which led to even more criticism.

3. Ikea Bag

These shoes sold for nearly $700 when they were first released.

4. Crocs High Heels

These shoes made their debut as part of the the Summer 2023 “The Mud Show” collection show.

5. Point Toe Clogs

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