Best Hangover Foods From Around the World That Are Easy to Make

Sharing drinks with friends is fun. The morning after when you have a screaming headache? Not as much.

While there’s not much else to do with a hangover aside from waiting for it to pass, that hasn’t stopped people from coming up with their own hangover cures.

Haejangguk (South Korea)

Haejangguk or ox bone hangover soup is a flavor-rich soup made by slowly boiling bone, marrow, and ligaments for hours.

Variants of this dish are distinguished based on the meat used in them. Guava, green mangos, and bilimbi can all be used as souring agents.

Sinigang (Philippines)

Another hangover food with a straightforward name, phat khi mao or drunken noodles is a Thai hangover solution that packs a lot of heat.

Phat Khi Mao (Thailand)

The Canadians were really onto something when they came up with poutine, a French fry dish drenched in gravy and mixed with cheese curds.

Poutine (Canada)

This hangover food from Finland called lihapiirakka tastes and feels like a hug in a pocket of dough.

Lihapiirakka (Finland)

The dish is flavorful meat and vegetables tightly wrapped in a blanket of flatbread, either pita or naan, that you can chow down on the way to work.

Döner Kebab (Turkey)

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