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Best True Crime Podcasts You May Not Have Heard Of

The true crime community has an overwhelming abundance of content to continually indulge in.

Serial set the mark for many other true crime podcasts to succeed, with recent statistics reporting that true crime was amongst the top three genres listeners subscribed to the most.

We took a look at a few lesser-known podcasts that certainly create the same level of curiosity and intrigue Serial is known for today.

Murder in Oregon

From a wrongful conviction to uncovering political secrets, a potential botched hit, and more, Murder in Oregon does not disappoint.

Inspired by the workings of Making a Murderer, Payne Lindsey, podcast host and investigator, sought out answers to Tara Grinstead’s suspicious disappearance.

Up and Vanished

True Crime Broads, have interviewed crime scene investigators, and have single-handedly brought Missy’s story back into mainstream media.

True Crime Broads

This podcast talks about Maura Murray's haunting disappearance in 2004 as she drove, crashed and disappeared without a trace along New Hampshire.

Missing Maura Murray

The Happy Face podcast uniquely covers the life of serial killer Keith Hunter from the perspective of an unlikely source, his daughter.

Happy Face

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