Does Tretinoin Purge? And How Do I Keep My Skin Healthy During if It Does?

Tretinoin and other vitamin A-related compounds are a favorite among skincare enthusiasts on the internet.

Its ability to stimulate fast cell turnover means that it can keep you looking fresh and soft-cheeked as a baby as long as you stick to your skincare routine.

There’s just one teensy problem: Like other vitamin A products, tretinoin purges and, during the purging process, can bring out all your acne.

It also causes redness and irritation, and make you susceptible to sunburns. Sounds scary, right? But it really is worth it once you get through the purging.

Stay Moisturized and Hydrated. As tretinoin exfoliates your skin, you’re going to see bits of flaky skin and dried-out skin. It can be dealt with using moisturizers.

Tips for Surviving a Tretinoin Purge

It may be tempting to pull off dried skin patches and pop pimples, but all that does is spread bacteria all over your face.

Don’t Pick or Peel at Purging Skin

“Regardless of whether [or not] you wear a hat, you need to apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 because ultraviolet light is reflected off of surfaces.” Dermatologist Ava Shamban, shares.

Wear Your Sunscreen!

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