Flirty Friendship?: What a Flirtation Is and How to Tell if You’re in One

Human relationships have a lot of gray areas. You’ve got acquaintances, frenemies, and situationships that will keep you feeling confused.

A recent addition to the confusing bag of non-relationship relationship labels is the “flirty friendship” which is a non-relationship situation where you flirt with friends.

What’s a Flirtationship?

It's where you and a friend flirt with each other either to test the waters or to have a bit of harmless fun.

5 Signs You’re in a Flirty Friendship

If you find yourself swapping compliments with a friend a lot, you’re likely getting into flirtationship territory with them.

You might also find yourself updating this one friend more than the others about what’s going on in your life.

You’re always talking and updating each other about your lives.

Pet names like the controversial “work husband/wife” are signs that this person is thinking about you way more than friends.

You have special names for each other.

If you’re always hanging out together without other friends around, you’re already dating without the label.

You spend a lot of time in just each other’s company.

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