Instead of Corporations, Foreign Workers Get the Blame for Exploitative Practices

Whether you work in an office building, a cornfield, or a bedroom that’s been repurposed as a home office, you are likely one of the people worldwide who are employed.

Point is, work affects most of us and it only makes sense that we have strong opinions about it.

According to the Pew Research Center, Americans across race and political boundaries largely agree that immigrants typically take jobs that are deemed undesirable.

The vast majority of immigrants work in jobs that are typically categorized as unskilled labor.

This is clearest with unauthorized immigrant workers who are typically employed in the agriculture, construction, and hospitality industries.

Many foreign workers find themselves unwittingly trapped by unscrupulous recruiters in what is essentially indentured servitude.

“Fly now, pay later” schemes are popular in countries that supply the world with brown labor and these setups have workers taking on debt for flight tickets and/or their training.

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