Free Intelligent Conversation Is the Non-profit Organization Breaking Barriers by Helping People Learn More About Each Other

In a world where it can be difficult to meet people and connect on a daily basis, Free Intelligent Conversation aims to help people connect through worthwhile conversations.

Kyle Emile, the founder and executive director of FreeIC, along with his growing team, strives to connect strangers, in order to create meaningful conversations.

The “Intelligent” in Free Conversation

If this all sounds great to you, but the “intelligent” part is scaring you off, well, there’s no need to be intimidated.

The “Intelligent” in FreeIC doesn’t imply pretentiousness but instead refers to a conversation where one gains knowledge from the person they are speaking with.

During Emile’s first ventures, he started talking to one person, until another joined. After he left the conversation, they were still talking.

Free IC Shows Us We’re All the Same At the Core

At our core, we are humans, And humans are meant to connect. Living in such stressful, technology-heavy, and fast-paced times, it can be easy to neglect this idea.

FreeIC is making a safe space that allows people to talk about anything on their mind while also challenging them to think out of what they're familiar with.

Free IC’s Missions Statements

The Value of Conversation

Every conversation doesn’t necessarily have to be life-changing, but some have noted they simply find joy in talking to people of different backgrounds and experiences.

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