Friendship Tarot Spreads You Can Do With Friends

While the most popular way of using tarot cards is for relationships, you can also use the cards to get a quick peep and perspective into your platonic relationships.

These friendship spreads can try to help you pin down everything from your compatibility with a friend, and the way you relate to each other.

This elaborate nine-card spread goes over the details of your dynamics with your friend of choice.

A Friendship Tarot Spread for Your Friendship Skills

Since it’s very in-depth and personal, it’s easier to do this with someone you have a closer platonic relationship with than someone who’s newer to your social circle.

This friendship tarot spread tries to give you a look into the way you show and receive platonic love.

A Spread About How You Show and Receive Platonic Love

Your Friendship in Seasons

This friendship tarot spread is all about the seasons in your friendship. It’s great for looking back on friendships that have lasted years.

This talks about what a friend and you want to get out of a platonic relationship and your compatibility with each other.

A Compatability Friendship Tarot Spread

While there are really no bad cards, there are some cards that you can take as a sign of especially good relationships with your friends.

What Are the Best Cards to Get In A Friendship Tarot Spread?

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