Fun Tarot Spreads You Can Try Throughout the Year

If you practice enough with connecting the symbols of the cards to each other, tarot reading is actually pretty easy to do.

If you’re new to reading tarot, it’s best to start with simple, fun tarot spreads that don’t have complex positions (like the Celtic cross) and heavy questions that make them uncomfortable to read.

But First, Prepare to Read Your Tarot Spread

Even if you don’t believe in the mystical attributes of tarot cards, you should still start by setting your intentions.

This part of the preparation process helps you calm down to read tarot cards. So relax, set your intentions and start shuffling your tarot cards.

4 Fun Tarot Spreads to Try

The Birthday Spread - This birthday spread involves drawing five cards, each representing your wishes for your new age.

A Yearly Tarot Reading Spread - This fun tarot spread works by pulling 13 tarot cards, each of which correspond to a month of the year.

A Tarot Spread for Checking in With Yourself

This spread walks you through your current mental and emotional state so you can do an emotional check-up with yourself.

A Fun Tarot Spread for Creating a Fictional Character

If you’re a creative who needs help developing characters, here’s a tarot spread for creating a character.

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