FYP: How to Start a Union

With the pandemic-induced labor shortage giving workers even more leverage and a wave of successful unionizing efforts driving momentum, that trend is continuing.

But if you feel like you don’t know enough or aren’t qualified to organize your coworkers, these will help you change your perspective and formulate a game plan.

What Even Is the Point of a Union?

It’s about getting together with your coworkers to negotiate better terms of employment with your employer.

Outside of work, you can vote, protest, and use other collective tactics to pressure your government to meet the collective demands of the people it represents.

1. Talk to your coworkers. 2. Get a majority of them to sign union support cards (from the union you want to be affiliated with).

Ok, but How Would I Even Go About Forming a Union?

3. Submit those union cards to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). 4. Wait for the NLRB to determine eligibility and set an election date.

5. Vote for unionization. If you get a majority, you’re unionized. 6. Negotiate your first contract.

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