Honkai: Star Rail Paths, Explained

The arrival of Honkai: Star Rail (HSR) brings a new host of characters to pull for, each with their own specific sets of skills and combat roles that fit.

While it’s still too early in the game’s lifespan to fully understand the direction that HSR’s meta is going, you can start building teams based on each Honkai: Star Rail characters’ Path.

What are Paths in Honkai: Star Rail?

The Path your character belongs to determines what roles they’re meant to play in a team as well as which characters they have the best synergy with.

Honkai: Star Rail has seven paths in total.​​ These Paths are​​ the Destruction, the Hunt, the Erudition, the Harmony, the Nihility, the Preservation, and the Abundance.

All the Paths in Honkai: Star Rail

Aeons were claimed to be once regular humans and other alien species, but they ascended to godhood and became embodiments of universal concepts.

Who are the Aeons of the Paths in Honkai: Star Rail?

There are currently 27 Honkai: Star Rail characters, with 14 being 5-stars and 13 being 4-stars.

The Paths of Honkai: Star Rail Characters

Yes, it’s possible to change your Trailblazer’s Path in Honkai: Star Rail. You will need to complete the game’s storylines to get additional Paths and elements.

Can you change your Trailblazer’s Path in Honkai: Star Rail?

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