How Christian Is the Anti-Abortion Stance?

While Roe v. Wade guaranteed the constitutional right to abortion access across the country, striking it down has given states the dangerous ability to restrict or eliminate access to abortion.

With this wave of abortion bans, an important question emerges: How Christian is the anti-abortion stance? 

Abortion Rights Legalized by Roe v. Wade

The landmark case began in 1969 when 25-year-old Norma McCorvey, using the pseudonym Jane Roe, challenged abortion laws in Texas as criminal.

Henry Wade was the district attorney at the time defending Texas abortion laws against Roe’s challenge.

Allowing government regulation during the second and third trimesters kept the door open for involuntary servitude. Defined as forcing someone into unwilling labor, involuntary servitude is typically exemplified by slavery.

The conservative politicians and activists who played a role in the U.S. Supreme Court’s latest ruling often cite Christian teachings as their motive.

The Christian Connection

The main problem with doing so is that the United States is not a religious state, Christian or otherwise. Its citizenship is not legally restricted to Christians.

In a country where people of all demographics and religious backgrounds must coexist — a sweeping abortion ban is not only illogical but also unconstitutional.

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