How M3gan the Killer Robot Doll Turned Into A Queer Icon Overnight

Since its first trailer dropped in October 2022, the movie M3gan has been the talk of the internet. M3gan became so much more than tweets and memes — she became a gay icon overnight.

But First… What is the Movie M3gan About?

Killer dolls, though not exactly a revolutionary concept in the horror genre, make for effective villains or vessels.

Unlike Annabelle, there’s nothing paranormal about M3gan. She’s just a robot invented by an aunt to entertain her newly-orphaned niece.

From Her Dance Moves to Her Fierce Loyalty, M3gan Captivated the Queer Community

While there are people who view M3gan in the way the creators intended, the main character represented something else to the LGBTQ+ community.

She was fiercely loyal to her found family, a theme that resonated with the queer community.

For LGBTQ+ folks, chosen families are people who accept, support, and love them despite not being related by blood.

M3gan’s relationship with Cady may have been extreme but it reminded viewers that families aren’t necessarily the one you’re born into.

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