How The Last of Us Set a New Standard for Video Game Adaptations

Video games have a curse that has plagued them, which is adaptations or transitioning the story from video games to a movie or TV series format.

But then The Last of Us aired, and from the first episode right down to the last minute of the finale, it was captivating!

Today, we’ll discuss and try to dissect why The Last of Us HBO broke the curse and set a new standard for video game adaptations.

The Last Of Us brought a great story that is delivered through nine watchable and easily digestible episodes, and even non-gamers can easily follow.

First off, there are some technical changes, mainly in how the infection spreads. They replaced spores with tendrils which are kind of more terrifying.

Keeping It Loyal and Disloyal

There are a few more changes, like the source of the infection, Joel isn’t a superhuman anymore, and even Bill and Frank had a change with their story, all of which are welcome changes!

Pedro Pascal and especially Bella Ramsey don’t look like Joel and Ellie, but when I watched TLOU, it’s as if they really are Joel and Ellie!

Good Characters

The fact that they presented the characters so well might be the reason why TLOU did so well.

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