How to Easily Start Composting in a Small Apartment

Composting is something everyone can do no matter where they live.

Whether you’re out in the open prairie or a small NYC studio apartment, you can definitely compost.

Everything You’ll Need

– A Small Compost Bin – Dirt – Paper Towels/Newspaper – Extra Filters (Optional)

The first thing you’re going to want to get in order to start composting in a small apartment is a compost bin, of course.

You’ll want one that is small enough to sit on your counter or in a cabinet below. You’re also going to want one that blocks out smells.

Take your dirt and line the bottom of your bin with it. Once you have a good base, add your shredded towels or newspaper.

How to Start Composting

It’s important to have some form of airflow in your bin. Most bins from a store will have their own holes blocked by a charcoal filter.

This will help keep smells from leaking out, as well as keep bugs from entering or leaving your compost.

You don’t have to wait for the soil to adjust to its new home; you can immediately start throwing food scraps in your compost bin.

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