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How to Make the Weng Weng, Long Island Iced Tea’s Deadlier Asian Cousin

Weng-weng is a boozier alternative to Long Island Iced Tea and Singapore Sling for people who really want to put their entire liquor shelf in one drink.

The fact that it can be made up of anywhere from 4 to 7 types of alcohol makes it the worst combination if you’re planning to swim after having it on a beach.


– Ice – Orange juice – Pineapple juice – Grenadine – Vodka – Tequila – Gin – Brandy – Bourbon – Rum – Scotch

Pour all ingredients into one pitcher.


 Stir your ingredients.

Pour the finished cocktail into a glass filled with ice before serving.

The Weng-weng cocktail is as simple to make as it is tasty. It goes well with fried food.


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